About Us

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Our desire is to help neighbors take steps toward Christ. 


We believe God desires us to become a community where people from diverse walks can live, worship, and serve together. 

We value:

Diversity Our community is diverse--filled with people from different races, economic status, cultures, genders, and backgrounds. We value the differences in each other and believe that we each need to be changed by the stories and culture of others. The beauty of God is shown in the unique differences of his people. We desire to become a church influenced by and made up of people from all different cultures in our community. 

Relationships God loves people. As a church, we believe that relationships are one of the best ways we can reflect the love God has for people. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 11:1, "Imitate me as I imitate Christ." At the core of all that we do is the desire to build relationships with each other, as neighbors, in our pursuit of God together. 

Unity People are different. Preferences and experiences between people are even more diverse. We believe that we must focus together in the unity of our core beliefs and vision, while allowing for the differences in areas of less importance. In our essential beliefs, we have unity. In our nonessential beliefs, we have liberty. In all our beliefs, we show charity. 

Openness We desire to be a family where everyone can be open about who they are and what they are going through. Life is tough enough without feeling like you need to hide what you're going through. We believe we don't need to hide, because God sees us differently. 

Community The Book of Acts shows us a picture of people living life together: praying together, eating together, sharing their possessions together. We believe this picture to be the ideal for how God created us as humans to live. We were not meant to go it alone, but instead need the love and support of others. In the Kingdom of God, being a family is no longer reserved for people who are related by blood. Service Matthew 20:28 tells us "(Jesus) came to serve, not be served, so he gave his life for others." Jesus sets the pattern for how we are to live. True joy in life doesn't come from the "American Dream" of pursuing personal achievement and success, but through showing the love of God by serving others. 

Faithfulness Our society emphasizes the need to be successful and accomplish big things. We believe the greatest thing we can accomplish is being faithful to the little things God calls us to. We never want to be unfaithful in the little areas for the sake of accomplishing big things, even when they are good things. Put another way, we believe the journey is more important than just the destination. 

Our beliefs

Keller Park Church is a Christian church, affiliated with the Missionary Church denomination. We follow the teachings and example of Jesus, we teach from the Bible, and we worship God as the creator and ruler of the universe.

We believe that people, along with the rest of creation, experience brokenness that is outside of God's desire. This comes through sin and results in a separation between us and God, as well as personal pain.

We believe that God has been carrying out his plan to restore all of creation, especially humanity to the state of wholeness and peace he originally created us to experience. The ultimate step in this plan was when God became a human, Jesus, to reveal his plan for restoration.

Since God has made himself accessible to us, we can have a relationship with Jesus, through which we are healed, renewed, forgiven, changed, and loved. It's our passion to share this love, hope, and peace with the world, especially those around us.

Our story

We are a neighborhood church. Not everyone in the KPC family has lived in the community, but we are who we are as a church because of the Keller Park Neighborhood.

Keller Park is a neighborhood that was built along the river right after World War 2. The homes were small, built for working class families. Before long, the baby boomer generation was bursting forth, and there were children everywhere throughout the neighborhood.

As tough economic years hit South Bend, the neighborhood took some hits. The mass amounts of kids in a small area started to bring about some problems among the kids in the neighborhood. Crime began to increase as kids struggled to find healthy meaning in life


In 1968 Redeemer Missionary Church partnered with others to buy out the old corner grocery store in the neighborhood and turn it into the Christian Community Center (CCC) -- a place where youth could find a loving environment and hope. Out went the shelves and meat coolers, in came the slot car tracks and boxing rings. 

Before long, the CCC was booming with kids. A service was started where kids could learn about and worship God on Friday nights. Before long, this service started serving adults as well and eventually moved onto Sunday mornings. The CCC had become a church!

Over the course of the next 30 years, the church had many ups and downs. Eventually, we lost our way -- focusing too much on church services and not enough on the original goal of loving our community. The church was at a crossroads. But God had not given up on the Keller Park community!

By 1999, God had brought about a renewed vision to start fresh in the neighborhood. The church took on new leadership, new partnerships, and even changed names to the Keller Park Missionary Church, all with the passion to re-engage the Keller Park Neighborhood -- a community now hurting more than ever.

Since that time, our commitment to seeing God help neighbors take steps toward Him has continued to increase. The call has been for people, passionate about living like Jesus, to move into the neighborhood, love our neighbors, serve like Christ, and see God bring incredible hope to our community!

This vision has led us to be a church that lives for relationships. Worship services are great, but getting to know and serve people outside the walls of our church building--outside of Sunday on the calendar--is what drives who we are.  

God loves the Keller Park Neighborhood, and so does this church.

This, of course, is only the beginning of the story...

Our neighborhood

We are a part of the Keller Park Neighborhood in urban South Bend, IN.  

Our community is tucked just inside the river between Riverside Blvd. on the East, Portage Ave. on the West, Angela Blvd. on the South and Woodlawn Blvd. on the North.

The church building is located on the corner of Bryan and Sherman Streets at 1003 W Bryan St.

Our offices are located in our "Community House" on the opposite corner at 929 W Bryan St.