Who we are

A lot of different people, with different strengths and talents, make up Keller Park Church. Here are a few of them.

  • Carrie Badertscher


    Hi! My name is Carrie and I serve as the Pastor of Community at KPC. My primary focus is on families, youth, and children. I also serve as a resident missionary in the community. I find great delight in people and strive to live my life with whimsy. My most favorite things are vacations, block parties, and laughing kiddos.  I am the mama of two spicy little ladies and one chubby-cheeked-and-incredibly-sweet son. My sidekick in life is my husband David (who patiently endures all the whimsy). 

  • David Cramer


    Hi, I'm David, and I'm the Teaching Pastor. My aim in this role is to equip the church to be a faithful witness to the transformative power of the gospel. My wife, Andrea, and I first joined KPC in 2008 and returned again in 2017 after a five-year stint in Waco, Texas, where I completed a doctorate in theology at Baylor University.  I enjoy cooking, reading, and writing about Anabaptist theology.  As a bivocational pastor, I am also an editor for a Christian publisher in Grand Rapids.  My remaining time is spent keeping up with our two young kids and our dog, Stanley. 

  • Amber Kreider

    Administrative Assistant

    Hey! I'm Amber. I do the officey stuff here at Keller Park. I love good pens and great coffee. My favorite part of working at KPC is Pastry Tuesday. 

  • Kerrie Peterson

    Worship Director

    Hello, I'm Kerrie Peterson. I have been involved with the music ministry at Keller Park Church for the past 7 years. It has been a blessing to come alongside amazing musicians, vocalists, song leaders, administrative coordinators, Pastors and friends as we participate in this beautiful exchange of worshiping our Creator. I feel honored and humbled to be in the role of Worship Leader. My husband, Todd, and I live in a cozy house along the river with our two kids and various pets. Aside from all the mom/wifey things, you will find me immersed in nature, music, songwriting and most likely drinking a cup of coffee. 

  • Todd Peterson


    Howdy! If we haven't met yet my name is Todd Peterson. My wife, Kerrie, and I bought our first home in the Keller Park neighborhood in 2003. It took us over 7 years to find Keller Park Church, the amazing little church around the corner with fantastic people and fellowship. Since that first visit, it has been a blast being able to serve the church and community with my time and handiness. In my spare time I try to keep up with my 2 terrific kiddos, play soccer and fix a good many things.

  • Joel Boehner

    Board Chairman

    Hi, I'm Joel. I'm married to Anne, and we have two kiddos, both adopted through foster care. Anne and I came to KPC in 2008 and have been deeply involved in service here ever since. I am very blessed to, by God's grace, help move the mission of this church forward and seek to do so by serving as board chairman and by serving as a nursery worker. Talk to me about babies, budgets, and anything in between--I'd love to hear your story.