Who we are

Keller Park Church (KPC) is a close-knit, intergenerational church in a diverse neighborhood in South Bend, Indiana. We are a member of the Central District Conference of the Mennonite Church USA, which is a member of the Mennonite World Conference.


Seeking the peace of our neighborhood by sharing God’s love with our neighbors.


To become a church that follows Jesus, the prince of peace, and embodies God’s peaceable kingdom in the Keller Park neighborhood, the city of South Bend, and beyond.

Shared Commitments 

As pursuers of peace, followers of Jesus, and seekers of God’s kingdom, we commit to:

affirm each person as a beloved image bearer of God, honoring the unique gifts each person brings to our community, celebrating the diversity of God’s creation represented within our community, and welcoming into full participation in the life of the church all who seek to follow Jesus in the pursuit of God’s kingdom;

extend Jesus’s table of belonging, membership, and shared ministry to people of every racial identity, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship status, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, cognitive ability, socioeconomic status, marital status, or age, especially those who have been marginalized, oppressed, or harmed by the church; and,

learn together how we can work to undo marginalization, oppression, and harm—including racism, xenophobia, nationalism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, classism, singlism, and ageism—in our society, church, and hearts.


Founded in 1968 as the Christian Community Center, we changed our name to Agape Missionary Church in the early 1970s as we transitioned from a community center to a church. But our original vision as a community center to the Keller Park neighborhood was never lost, as is reflected in our current name—Keller Park Church (KPC).

Today KPC combines the mission of the church with the heart of a community center. From worship services to community meals, small groups (“k-groups”) to a food pantry, KPC ministers to both the spiritual and the material needs of our congregation and community.

Theologically, we have Mennonite roots and Wesleyan influences, both of which inform our beliefs and practices today. This includes our emphasis on seeking the peace of our neighborhood and world, our understanding of God’s holy love for all people, especially for those who are marginalized and oppressed, and our invitation to all believers to practice their spiritual gifts in our ministries and leadership.

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