Our Story

Keller Park Church is a close-knit, intergenerational church in a diverse neighborhood in South Bend, Indiana. Affiliated with the Missionary Church denomination, KPC was founded in 1968 by nearby Redeemer Missionary Church as the Christian Community Center.

Over time, we changed our name to Agape Missionary Church as we transitioned from a community center to a church. But our original vision as a community center to the Keller Park neighborhood was never lost, as is reflected in our current name—Keller Park Church.

Today KPC combines the mission of the church with the heart of a community center. From worship services to Jubilee meals, prayer gatherings to block parties, discipleship groups to a food pantry, KPC ministers to both the spiritual and the material needs of the Keller Park neighborhood and the surrounding South Bend community.

The Missionary Church is an evangelical denomination with Mennonite roots, Wesleyan-holiness influences, and a legacy of “ministering sisters.”