“Biblical” parenting?


In this Sunday’s message (Nov. 19, 2023), Brother Dave addresses this congregant question: “Can you explore the parenting implications of a religious departure from unquestioning obedience as an act of love? I find myself in a challenging tug-of-war between the traditional and often quite effective parenting methods that revolve around ‘because I said so’ and swift retribution for disobedience and the more trendy ‘gentle parenting’ approaches that avoid even the use of the word obedience and skew toward modeling and encouraging appropriate behavior. I am drawn to the idea of gentle parenting, but my kids seem to resist ‘gentle child-ing’ in response, leading me to the old tried, true, and not-so-gentle approach, which I was taught was the ‘biblical’ parenting method, modeled after our obedience to God.” Drawing from Psalm 23, Psalm 103, Matthew 11, Galatians 5, and elsewhere, Brother Dave presents an ethic-of-care approach to child-rearing in which Christians exercise care (nuanced, serious attention to the particulars of the situation) when providing care for children.


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Brother Dave