Reading Paul responsibly


In this Sunday’s message (Feb. 4, 2024), Brother Dave addresses this congregant question: “My evangelical pastors and teachers all but idolized the apostle Paul. Conveniently, Paul was read as supporting male authority, state authority, and the subjugation of women, children, gays and lesbians, and even slaves. Does Paul still have something to teach us today? If so, how can we read his letters responsibly?” Drawing on a number of Pauline passages, Brother Dave argues that reading Paul responsibly doesn’t always mean agreeing with his conclusions but rather involves reasoning alongside Paul by (1) starting with the revelation of Jesus, (2) centering on the good news that Jesus is Lord, (3) subverting all prior assumptions and allegiances, and (4) following the leading of the Holy Spirit in order to (5) discern together in community, (6) in culturally sensitive ways, how to (7) worship the Father with our lives.


Matthew Thiessen, A Jewish Paul: The Messiah’s Herald to the Gentiles (book)